Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Common Causes and How to Cope With Hair Loss for Women

We all know that hair loss is a problem concerning men for the most part, but this doesn't mean women don't suffer from it! Even though every case is special and there is no magic formula for all of them, there is some general advice I can give you to cope with it. However, let's discuss some of the common causes of hair loss in women.


By far the most common cause. If you have a relative that experiences hair loss, especially your mom, aunts or grandmothers, then you'll probably experience it too - if you haven't already. Hereditary hair loss, also known as androgenetic alopecia, causes thinning of your hair behind the bangs and it can start as early as your twenties. It might eventually cover other places on the scalp, but it develops slowly as time goes by.

Hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism

Hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism is an underproduction or overproduction of the thyroid hormone respectively, and it has hit millions of people, mostly women. They can cause many symptoms which are more serious, but hair loss is one of the symptoms.

Mistreatment of hair

Do you style your hair with VERY tight ponytails or cornrows often? Do you use your flat iron every day? Then you will develop some hair loss sooner or later. Excessive pulling and heating of the hair will damage it, so you might want to choose a different, more forgiving style instead and stop literally roasting your hair on a daily basis - Did you try a good shampoo? Such as Fantane or Nioxin, or any shampoo that contains biotin?

These are the most common causes and what can you do about them if they have already taken their toll? I have already made a blog post about this - in fact, the very previous one - that can answer this question.

One important thing you should do though when you are already suffering is to cope with it. It is difficult, I know since women see their hair as part of who they are; it's part of our identity, but it is important because it will boost your confidence.

Join a support group

Yes, there are support groups for hair loss. Try finding one that you can join as it will help you be more confident. It serves as a gathering place with people that you can share your experiences with hair loss. Every person that joins such groups is a person like you who needs some support about it. It's a wonderful way to utilize the next advice right below.

Talk about it

Sometimes, you just need some support from other people and talking about your problem is the way to get it. It is not useful for hair loss only, but for almost every other problem you can have in your life. Discuss it with your friends and family, tell them how you feel about it. They will try to make you feel better and you will also slowly start accepting it this way - it's not easy to accept it either.

You could also start talking to people online via chat rooms or other services and you could also find people who have hair loss too and exchanging your stories, opinions and feelings will help you a ton.

Hair loss is hard, especially for a woman. There are many different causes of it, but there are always ways you can deal with it! Don't be discouraged. You can get over it as long as you try!